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blade comparision Empty blade comparision

Post by babyboi334 on 16/11/13, 04:40 am

check it out i am new to this barber game but i am in school i guess you can call it that cuz I started school with the andis masters now i got the phat masters and the oster 76ers but they are different to me i know the masters all the way close is a 000 and all the open is a one ok but what r the two in between and on the phat master all the way close is a 1 but what r the rest and the osters has a 0a blade and A1 blade what r they on the masters is there like a chart to show me how to compare the two or something i am not sure i am explaining it right but i need so advice from fellow or master barbers..... help me plz

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blade comparision Empty Re: blade comparision

Post by saintsfan on 19/11/13, 02:10 pm

The difference between the 000 and the 1 on the Osters would be the 0 and the 1A blades. I think the biggest blade you can get on Osters is a 3/4 inch blade. Unfortunately I haven't seen a universal chart that distinguishes between the different manufacturers. If I have a new guy in the shop and he tells me they use a 2 I ask them if the place the went to used plastic guard or blades. I find the blades get closer than the plastic guards. Hopefully that helps!

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