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Classic osters Empty Classic osters

Post by babyboi334 on 22/11/13, 04:29 am

Check it out I have the osters 76ers are they comparable with the andis detachable gaurds?
If so most of the andis guards have ag on them what does that mean they also have ag/bg
Is one better than the other?
I no andis has more sizes
Last but not least what is the difference between 0a and modified 0a? They even got 3 3/4fc man if you could educate me that would help so much
Sorry so many at once but you are good at answering me

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Classic osters Empty Re: Classic osters

Post by saintsfan on 25/11/13, 11:45 am

Not sure about what AG/BG mean. I think it might be just the model of the clipper but I could be wrong. Also I'm not real sure what the difference between 0a and modified 0a is, sorry! I do use the 3 3/4 clipper blade and I also use a 3/4 inch blade. I use the 3 3/4 as a # 4 and the 3/4 inch blade as a number 5. I've noticed those two are the closest when your trying to do a longer blend.

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