Barbershop foundation in Russia

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Barbershop foundation in Russia Empty Barbershop foundation in Russia

Post by El Gato Desperado on 21/03/14, 06:27 am

Hello Forum!
The first thing I want to say is that I really like the concept of typical american barbershops for men and its history. Today in such big country as Russia there are only about 15-20 traditional men's barbershops over the country (and 50% of the market belongs to 1 player). I think, we have less than five real deal barbershops per 145 millions of people. So, we can see a big opportunity in this market. Another opportunity is that there are about less than one producer of men's grooming.
So, we want:
1) To found and then develop true barbershop network over the country
2) To found a men's grooming company
They may have the same (at best) brand.

The main point of these topic is that we want you to help us in every single step of developing. If this is the right place - it's great and let's begin. If it's not - we are sorry to trouble  albino 
What do you think?

P.S. Ask any questions you want too)

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Barbershop foundation in Russia Empty Re: Barbershop foundation in Russia

Post by barberjohn1952 on 24/03/14, 11:07 pm

Yes indeed. The traditional American style barber shop is a wonderful thing. The beauty of the American shop, in my opinion, is that they are independent, owned by the barber on the scene and different from one another. What screwed up the traditional aspect of the shop is when chain stores cropped up. It took all the individuality out of barber shops. Take a look at the shops on this website and you see that they are all different from one another but yet welcoming and run by people who care about their reputation and their craft.

Best of luck with your endeavor and even if this isn't the best site for getting the information you want stick around and learn from your brother barbers.

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