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Copy Semi-Annual Newletter, 1-4-12 Empty Copy Semi-Annual Newletter, 1-4-12

Post by Audi on 04/01/12, 11:16 pm

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Subject : Semi-Annual Newsletter, 1-5-12
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Oh boy.... where do I start? It's been a hectic but exciting endeavor getting "Barber Shop Talk" up and going. We've had highs and lows... let's start with new changes:

Special Ranks.... We now have special Rank Badges for Administrative Staff. Administrators will display with 7 Stars beneath their Avatar and Moderators will display 5 Straight Razors beneath their Avatar.

Earned Ranks... You can now earn Rank Badges for posting, to be displayed beneath your Avatar:
0 - 4 razors
5 - 24 ..............1 razor
25 - 99 ............2 razors
100 - 499 .........3 razors
500+ ...............4 razors

New Emoticons.... You got it! Thank You Rhonda and TooT for the seeming endless number of emoticons we can use in Chat, Posts and Private Messaging! Gr8 choices!


Number of New Topics for the last 6 months:
Jul 2011 3
Aug 2011 3
Sep 2011 5
Oct 2011 9
Nov 2011 15
Dec 2011 35
Jan 2012 (to Date:)11

Number of New Posts for the last 6 months:
Jul 2011 22
Aug 2011 12
Sep 2011 28
Oct 2011 55
Nov 2011 68
Dec 2011 210
Jan 2012 (to Date:)54

Number of New Users for the last 6 months:
Jul 2011 3
Aug 2011 1
Sep 2011 3
Oct 2011 1
Nov 2011 14
Dec 2011 6
Jan 2012 (to Date:)1

Top 5 Most Viewed Topics:
1 1907 Parts for a Vintage Chrome Campbell LatherKing Jr.
2 741 Clipper-Over-Comb vs. Guards
3 733 New Forum to Check out!
4 687 Working Overtime
5 673 How long to get established?

Top 9 Most Active Topics:
1 46 How long to get established?
2 25 What is so great about chain places?
3 22 Early Experiences
4 22 Economy, Customers, and Conversations in the Barber Shop
5 22 Movin' On Up
6 22 GOT THE DATE!!!
7 21 Talking About Tools - Clippers
8 18 Where is everyone?
9 18 Have to vent...

Adminstrative Stats:
Posts 1629
Number of topics 279

Some Guard Changes....

Congratulations Blade! Everyone bow down (just kidding) to your new Co-Administrator for the next 6 months! Direct any new questions to Blade.... we need to break him in right! (And he's got alot of bling now... discarded them old straight razors)

SCbarber.... GRATS! Just earned 2 Additional Straight Razors to take on a Moderator Position.

TooT... GRATS! As an Extremely Active Poster, also wears the 5 Straight Razor Badge of a Moderator, plus took on the responsibility as "Modern Trend" Usergroup Moderator!

TN Barber... GRATS! Now has the responsiblity of "Traditional" Usergroup Moderator!

We must never forget our V.I.P. s...

Oregon Barber, Stroppy... If you guys are out there somewhere, you are badly missed.

Dave... We can never thank you enough for your contributions as Administrator. The initiation of our Facebook Account was a complete success and is now one of our top outreach initiatives!

One of our Active Guards sits quietly in the background... always seen and seldom heard, but as active as any of the rest in keeping this site running like a well oiled machine. When something isn't happening that should be, or when something is happening that shouldn't be, she's on it! Thank You Rhonda for your constant vigilance and your dedication as Administrator. She also will retire with full V.I.P. honors for her services.... both, as Administrator and as Co-Founder of this Site. Uhhh... that is when she tires.... I don't see that happening very soon. She seems to be as fresh as Day 1 that we started putting these forums together! This is a good thing.... she is ever so deeply appreciated! Thank You, Rhonda!

I have to give the most thanks to you, the registered members of "Barber Shop Talk," The Professional Barbers around the world that have peeked in, liked what they saw, and became an active part of this site. It is YOU that has made these Forums such a success!


Audie Mulanax, Co-Founder
of "Barber Shop Talk,"
The Professional Barber's Forum

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Copy Semi-Annual Newletter, 1-4-12 Empty Re: Copy Semi-Annual Newletter, 1-4-12

Post by Admin on 04/01/12, 11:21 pm

Congrats to each and every one for making this Forum what it is.


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