4th Annual Newsletter (Please Read)

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4th Annual Newsletter (Please Read) Empty 4th Annual Newsletter (Please Read)

Post by saintsfan on 05/07/13, 01:23 pm

Hello All! It’s that time of year again, a recap of the past year on “Barber Shop Talk”. This is my first newsletter so please bear with me! Hopefully I’ll cover all the major topics.

First off, it is with a heavy heart that we remember one of our Co-Founders, Admin Rhonda. She lost her battle with cancer last month and has gone to be with our creator. She was a great lady and will always be remembered fondly and will be greatly missed. We will be retiring the Admin title in her memory.

I would also like remember the memory of two Honorary Members, Stroppy and Oregon Barber. They were a big part in getting the board off the ground, for that we thank them and hold their memory high.

Some Statistics from the past year:

Number of New Topics:
Aug 2012 4
Sep 2012 7
Oct 2012 6
Nov 2012 5
Dec 2012 10
Jan 2013 11
Feb 2013 12
Mar 2013 16
Apr 2013 16
May 2013 7
Jun 2013 11

Number of New Post:
Aug 2012 22
Sep 2012 41
Oct 2012 23
Nov 2012 28
Dec 2012 82
Jan 2013 62
Feb 2013 88
Mar 2013 120
Apr 2013 152
May 2013 43
Jun 2013 48

Number of New Users:
Aug 2012 3
Sep 2012 4
Oct 2012 5
Nov 2012 6
Dec 2012 3
Jan 2013 7
Feb 2013 6
Mar 2013 10
Apr 2013 9
May 2013 8
Jun 2013 3

Top 5 Most Viewed Topics:
1 2211 Glitches in the Forum
2 1924 Parts for a Vintage Chrome Campbell LatherKing Jr.
3 1246 Working Overtime
4 1152 Ranks and Special Ranks
5 1056 State Boards

Top 10 Most Active Topics:
1 72 Music..........
2 47 How long to get established?
3 46 Barber School, day to day journal of my experience
4 42 Insight, Tips, Advice please?
5 35 Early Experiences
6 34 Barber shop fire.
7 30 Firearms allowed in my Barber Shop
8 29 Quote of The Week
9 25 Why men choose salons over Barber Shops
10 25 What is so great about chain places?

Number of Registered Members:

Number of total post:

Some other news,

In March one of our own, Marco, lost his shop to a fire. I was touched how many of the guys on here stepped up and did what they could to help him get back open. Here’s an article they did when he opened back up. Some great stuff! http://www.wwaytv3.com/2013/04/04/only-3-help-from-afar-gets-barber-shop-back-three-weeks-after-fire
ometime over the course of the next year we’ll be trying to get together a set of rules and Bi-laws for the forum. Nothing really new, just a bit more polished and detailed version of what we currently have in place so we don’t have any confusion. Also, we’re going to try to make the Cut and Bash a quarterly thing that way we’ll have more opportunities to stop in when other folks are logged on.

Some Guard Changes,

Thanks to LD our newest moderator!

Thanks to Blade and SCbarber who will be staying on as moderators and continuing to be a big help!

Thanks to barberboy for his help as moderator!

We’ll be looking for a few new guys to help out, so if any of you are interested in becoming a moderator please let me know!

I’ll be moving up from Admin-in-training to Administrator but I’m still learning!

Audi will be taking a bit of a break and continuing on as an honorary member, I want to thank him for all that he has taught me over the past 6 months about the site and putting his trust in me to help run it. Without him there wouldn’t be Barber Shop Talk. He’ll continue to be a big influence of the direction the site is going.

If I missed anyone please don’t take it personally, I am trying to make sure I included everyone but have the feeling I skipped over some folks!

I want to give a personal thank you to all the guys that help make this site a success. We’re slowly but steadily growing! Without our members the site would sink into oblivion so please to continue to stay active! If you know any other professional barbers, please direct them to the site. The more voices we have the better the site and the discussion.

Thanks again to everyone and here’s to another great year!

Happy 4th Anniversary!!!

Dallas Jones,
Administrator of "Barber Shop Talk,"
The Professional Barber's Forum

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