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Post by Audi on 02/02/13, 07:27 pm

As we are an International Site, it would be only appropriate to have barbers here from the Great White North. The requirements from Province to Province differs in Canada much like it does here in the states....

As we (the staff) do not know what legally qualifies one to perform the duties of a barber in Canada, I am beginning this thread in hopes of getting some feed back. It becomes difficult when the terminologies differ so dramatically. A cosmetology license for example is called a hair dresser's license in Canada if I'm not mistaken... or I might be wr...wr...wr... not quite accurate. I suspect a barber must first go thru Hair Dresser (Dressing) School and furthering his/her education prior to becoming a barber or transfer license from another country. I remember Stroppy saying Barber Schools were non-existent either in Canada or his area of Canada.

I know most barbers here in the states do not like being referred to as hairdressers.... big insult. I don't want that to be an obstruction to Canadian Barbers participating on this forum. It is my desire to incourage licensed barbers from all countries and cultures. I know I come off as being harsh when trying to weed out beauticians... it's not my intent to weed out those trying to become barbers.

I would be more than happy to include those trying to fullfill their barber requirements into the Future Professionals forum as long as ther are indeed trying to fullfill those requirements. In such cases, please contact me in an in-depth Private Message while we agree that we dis-agree on terminology.

In the mean time... let's get this thread moving on just what are the requirements to become a barber in the Great White North.

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