Need advice on where to start

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Need advice on where to start

Post by kpla51 on 29/08/17, 11:25 am

So Ive been in the military for quite some time and am finally fed up with getting bad hair cuts and having soldiers get bad hair cuts. Ive always played with the idea of becoming a Barber part time and feel that having an opportunity to cut soldiers hair would be a great way to start. The thing is, I have never cut hair a day in my life and don't know where to start. I looked into schools but there all from morning to evening and I obviously work so that won't work. How would you start? the only solution I could think of is to find a willing body who wouldn't mind going bald if I mess his hair up.

While i serve I want to take advantage of the massive client base, I wouldn't do it for profit because its free training and I get to help out some younger soldiers who maybe cant afford hair cuts every week.

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