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barbering or hairstylist as a career

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barbering or hairstylist as a career Empty barbering or hairstylist as a career

Post by monchichim 04/03/21, 05:28 pm

looking to either go into barbering which is a shorter program and only does mens hair or hair design which teaches both womens and mens hair. i dont have much interest in cutting womens hair but more job opportunity if you can. cut both. also hair design program they teach you way more as perming and few others as its a longer program. more you know the better job prospect. you can work in salon or barbershop while if you only do barbering you can only work in barbershops whats your thoughts? do hair design program even though i have no interest in womens hair and just do it or stick to mens hair only and do barbering

im a guy in his early 40s btw

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barbering or hairstylist as a career Empty Re: barbering or hairstylist as a career

Post by Blade 01/05/21, 02:13 pm

Up to you , Whatever you find your good at do that . If you can cut women’s hair more income. I never did a hairdressing apprentice only barbering 35 yrs ago . Good luck ..


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